The Technology In A Casino


If you’ve ever walked into online casino malaysia , it might seem like a relatively straightforward operation, lots and lots of flashing lights and candy crush sound effects. You stick a couple of bucks into a slot machine, and you hope it spits out thousands of dollars or you throw down some chips on the craps table and pray that the dice stay hot. As it turns out, the level of the technology you interact with inside a gaming establishment is among the most sophisticated anywhere, and it probably shouldn’t be that surprising given how much money is continuously churning through jdl casino.

The slot machines

The moment you set foot inside it goes to work. You see many casinos keep databases on specific people, card counters, people who have been caught stealing or maybe even just that guy who had too many free cocktails and decided to use the potted plant in the corner as a urinal and they achieved this by using biometric scanning to capture an image of your face when you walk in the door to compare you against the database of undesirables but let’s say you’ve never tried to pull off an ocean’s 11 style heist, so security leaves you alone. You make your way over to a slot machine. Well, it used to be that you would pull down the arms cross your fingers and hope that when the mechanical reels stopped spinning a bunch of fruit or something would line up, but these days the attention-grabbing graphics are just for show. Slot machines determine if you’ve won or lost almost immediately after you press spin using a pseudo-random number generator that Awards prizes based on pre-programmed pay table this is critical because over two-thirds of the average casinos, revenue comes from slot machines.

The magic of chips and cards


These might seem like mere pieces of plastic. Still, the chips actually contain RFID chips that is they have serial numbers that are scanned both at the tables as well as when you take them to the cashier, this prevents people from trying to cash counterfeit chips and also protects the casino in cases where authentic ones get stolen. For yet another layer of security, the playing cards can have barcodes printed on them with invisible ink, and these are scanned when the dealer clears them off the table, so the odds are that if you’re trying to use sleight of hand to switch cards, you’re going to end up behind bars.


Mostly all players are honest, and besides, surely you wouldn’t think of trying to cheat with all of those cameras on the ceiling anyway, and that would probably be wise. However, some of them are just regular surveillance cameras others are actually connected to systems that can recognize which cards are dealt with betting patterns and even wins and losses for each player at the table so because long-term trends in casino games are somewhat predictable these cameras can help casinos pick up on the abnormal patterns that occur when someone might be trying to per

The Technology In A Casino

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